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330 Watt POLY

Poly-crystalline PV module 72 cells

  • Designed for commercial use
  • Economical for larger projects

290 watt MONO

Mono-crystalline PV module 60 cells

  • Designed for residential projects
  • High-efficiency crystalline Cells



We do terms a little differently than most other manufacturers or distributors.  Instead of the typical Net 30 found with most other suppliers, Saga offers Commercial Procurement Financing with exceedingly flexible terms up to 360 days, with no interest paid in the first 60-90 days, and backed by the project itself - not your business.


25 Yr Linear Power Output

Many other modules come have a "step-down" approach to the Power Output warranty.  The Saga Solar Linear Peak Power Warranty offers a gradual ramp that more accurately corresponds to system performance over 25 years.
Theirs: 90% after 15 year /   80% after 25 years
Ours:  0.7% degradation each year till year 25. 


12yr Workmanship

We guarantee that Saga modules will be free from defect in materials and workmanship for up to 12 years.  Within the warranty period, if a solar panel fails to conform to Saga's high standards, Saga will either repair or replace the product, or refund the purchase price as paid by the Saga customer, at Saga's discretion.  See warranty language for details.


Linear Power Advantage

3rd Party Warranty Advantage

Saga Solar is the only Made in Minnesota participant to include 3rd Party Coverage for its industry-leading warranty.  In the unlikely event Saga is unable to fulfill their warranty obligations, Saga's 3rd party warranty insurance coverage will step in to take over the warranty.  This ensures system owners will get the warranty coverage they rely on for years to come.

Not only does Saga include 3rd Party coverage, but its policy is unlike any other in the industry.  Saga includes deductible-free coverage with reimbursements up to 90% of the original module cost.  See Comparison Sheet below for more details. 

The Fine Print






Saga is a solar manufacturer based in Cass Lake, MN. We produce hard-working, dependable panels and are committed to furthering solar adoption in the Midwest.

For many Indigenous cultures the sun is considered their Grandfather or their Oldest Brother, one of the creative forces who makes life possible and continues to sustain, empower and encourage our growth and development.

The growth of solar power and related green technologies offers Indigenous nations and peoples a way to continue their partnership with their Grandfather to work together for a cleaner, resilient and more sustainable future.

Through this partnership we will be…

Saga Solar believes that Indigenous people know what they want in terms of economic/community development, how it should look, and what it should contribute to their way-of-life. We come from cultures of excellence that have created sustainable technological innovations for centuries, and will for centuries to come.



  • Eligible for Made-In-Minnesota
  • Industry-standard design works well for countless applications
  • Most secure, bankable warranty of any MiM manufacturer
  • MiM panels made with the objective of price parity with similar products sold outside the MiM program



  • The first solar manufacturer in Minnesota to be employee-owned
  • Saga is owned by the everyday employees, not investment firms or rich backers
  • Saga is the only majority indigenous and woman-owned solar manufacturer in all of North America



  • A public benefits corporation, committed to increasing solar adoption in the Midwest
  • Partnered with major global manufacturers well-known for their product dependability
  • Goal of moving toward competitively-priced panels sold outside of any local manufacturing incentives



Saga Solar is a Public Benefit Corporation. Public Benefit Corporations may also be referred to as ‘social businesses’. There are two forms of such corporations, a general benefit corporation (GBC) and a specific benefit corporation (SBC). A specific benefit corporation is a public benefit corporation that states in its articles a ‘specific public benefit’ purpose it elects to pursue. Specific public benefit means one or more positive impacts, or reduction of a negative impact, on specified categories of natural persons, entities, communities, or interests, other than shareholders. This means the business can be profitable—paying profits to the shareholders—while still having a social purpose that trumps profits as the chief goal.

The specific public benefit we strive to achieve in all of our endeavors is:

Sustainable practices today that insure a thriving, dynamic and secure future for the Seventh Generation
— Saga's 2017 "Specific Benefit" to be filed with the MN Secretary of State

Sponsoring events that advance solar • Supporting local solar organizations • Donating panels to those in need
Promoting pro-solar legislation • Making and selling great solar panels • Combating myths that solar isn't viable

And more! We're just getting started.

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