Protect Yourself From Connecticut's Ruthless Rate Increases

Eversource and United Illuminating are raising your rates by more than 20% starting on May 1st, 2024. They can do whatever they want to electricity pricing in Connecticut and the only way to escape these increases is if you qualify for solar. Click below to see if your home qualifies, and how much you can save.

Powerful Strategy

Elevate efficiency and savings through our strategic solar energy approach.

Accurate Testing

Ensuring precision through meticulous testing for reliable solar system performance.

Fostering Growth of Solar Energy!

Driving solar expansion, illuminating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Revolutionizing Energy Solutions

We are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, proudly serving the North Charleston, South Carolina community. With a passionate commitment to sustainability, we specialize in providing top-tier domestic solar power installation services.

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Our experts provide in-depth consultations to understand your energy requirements and suggest the most suitable solar solution for your property.

Custom System Design

We design personalized solar power systems based on your energy consumption, property specifications, and budget.

Installation Services

Our skilled technicians handle the complete installation process, ensuring the seamless integration of solar panels onto your property.


Homes With Solar

Explore a portfolio showcasing successful solar installations that have transformed homes into energy-efficient havens, one panel at a time.

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Make Appointment

Schedule a convenient appointment to discuss your energy goals and explore the possibilities of solar.


Our experts delve into your energy needs, analyzing your property to devise a tailored solar solution.

Installation System

Skilled technicians take charge, seamlessly integrating solar panels to power your home sustainably

Projects Execution

Executing meticulous plans, we bring solar projects to life, transforming rooftops into energy generators.


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Embark on our remarkable journey, where sustainability, innovation, and client satisfaction drive us to illuminate a greener future.

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